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Built on the area where the Smacks landed the oysters and the fishing cooperatives worked THEHORSEBRIDGE will rediscover and bring to life the lives of families in and around the oyster industry.

Explore a sculpture reimagining the ‘Gamecock’ oyster smack by artist Sharon Cavalier, inspired by its restoration and peeling back of the vessel’s layers of history.

Immerse yourself in archive Kent coast footage produced by Screen Archive South East including BFI Britain on Film content.

Join us at our historical community beach picnic on 27 July and experience how working families used to come together.

Participate in sail craft, rigging and many other family activities taking place throughout the experience.

Be part of the experience and record your memories in our memory booth.


If you have been able to come and visit we'd love to know what you think here.


brought to you by THEHORSEBRIDGE in partnership with Whitstable Maritime Ltd.

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