Horsebridge Art Talks: Art Decades


Horsebridge Art Talks - Art Decades

This season sees the introduction of Art Decades, a new series of lectures alongside our
established Art Talk programme.

Art Decades reflects the artistic ethos of Whitstables's vibrant music scene, this new series
examines art's pervasive influence on rock. Art Decades will include stunning imagery and
fantastic music - as well as original artwork, some by famous names, never exhibited in public till now.

Wednesday 15 May 7pm £7 (Advanced booking advised)

1970s: For Your Pleasure

In artistic terms, arguably an even more kaleidoscopic decade than its predecessor: So what
prompted the riots of colour, full-blown fantasy and incursions into high (and low) art by
Bowie, Eno, the Sex Pistols etc.

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Wednesday 12 June 7pm £7 (Advanced booking advised)

1980s: How Soon Is Now?

How fine art conceptualism influenced post-punk and independent music and helped forge the
art-rock brand, accompanied with complex, striking and immediate music and imagery, exemplified
by the work of Pil, New Order, The Smiths and more.

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