Dwellings: The Places we are


Paraskevie Gordon

Gallery 2

21 November - 4 December
Paraskevie Gordon is an artist whose work focuses on the representation of self through the depiction of dwelling and place. This exhibition is a culmination of the artist’s reflections about life as a woman, mother and as the child of parents from two wildly different cultures.

The disparity between the various cultures that can be present within the home environment is reflected in the sparse and disconnected elements within nature and impossible architecture depicted in her work. Within the paintings, the sometimes rough and thorough wiping, washing, scratching and surface scraping creates a multi-layered but gentle and ethereal finish. The physical manifestation of these actions is a direct echo of the physicality of womanhood and motherhood and the expectations of the traditional role of women found within her cultural history.

The collaged pieces reflect how the mysteries inherent in the meeting of various cultures within the home can result in a strange but beautiful tension.