Beauty Queens


Natasha Pearl

Gallery 2

17 - 30 October
As a portrait painter I have always been fascinated by human faces. I decided as an experiment and break from my normal practice, to look at the buildings and scenery of Whitstable as if they were beings too.
I love the feeling that people go in and out of buildings, opening their doors, looking out of their windows and that these great big structures are like witnesses to all our trials and tribulations .

For a number of the major works I have created an accompanying artwork or artworks which express the buildings or scenery in human form. For example, “The Aunties” which is an oil painting of a row of pastel coloured houses, has been expressed as a pencil drawing of a row of ladies knitting. Marine Terrace on Whitstable seafront has been titled “Beauty Queens” and is accompanied by a mixed media artwork of a row of 1950’s beauty queens wearing swimsuits that correlate in colour to the individual houses.

I have also created a further group of ‘beauty queen’ paintings showing different scenes and activities that these houses might witness throughout the year and in differing seasons. It fascinates me, the goings on that this beautiful row of houses must have seen, while standing there showing themselves off. The theme of our insignificance as humans amongst our greater surroundings - first the homes we live in, then the towns, the countries, continents, worlds, universes, is always relevant, particularly when we need to foster and protect our world for future generations.