Beyond the Stitched Surface: An Exploration of Textile Art


Altered Textiles

Gallery 1

14- 27 March
Altered Textiles is a vibrant group of like-minded women with a passion for creating art from a multitude of textiles and textile-related materials, employing a diverse range of techniques. The makers have been together for over ten years and during this time, have shared various skills within the group. The aim of their exhibition is to showcase the fantastic artwork that they have produced and to encourage others to participate in skill-sharing workshops. This way, they hope to raise the profile of this form of art and share knowledge of existing and new techniques.

With the resurgence in sewing and interest in textiles, 'Beyond the Stitched Surface' intends to demonstrate that skill and passion can lead to challenging and thought-provoking works of art. Building on the group's previous successful exhibitions at The Horsebridge Arts Centre, they would now like to introduce more exciting displays and incorporate new techniques such as gelliplate printing, linocut and screen printing in them.