Therapeutic Sound Workshops with Naomy Browton


7th March, 7-8.30pm. Toning and Overtoning

An opportunity to learn or practise your overtoning. Suitable for beginners and improvers. An ancient practice also called harmonic singing, overtone chanting or simply overtoning. This style of singing is where you produce more than one sound at a time. The tones are already there but using the shape of the mouth and tongue the other tones are amplified creating audible high pitched whistling type tone (or tones) above the main note. Often described as magical, beautiful and Otherworldly. It can facilitate trance / journey / meditative states even more than other types of vocal sounding in singer and listener alike. It has its roots in spiritual practice around the world such as Tibet. We will learn western overtoning which is easiest on the voice. We will start with simple toning and then move into overtones

Booking Essential. £10

4th April, 6.45-8.30pm. Tone Poems Creative Voicework

A small group creative vocal workshop, which aims to be fun, stimulating and life affirming. Studies show singing has great benefits to body, mind and spirit. We will begin with gentle warm up exercises for body breath and voice, moving into some vocal games and then in smaller groups have the opportunity to create short simple pieces called Tone Poems together. Suitable for those with very little musical experience and also those with much. Examples will be given and the process made easy and step by step. People are often amazed at the beautiful pieces that are created.

Booking essential £10.

2nd May, 6.45-8.30pm. Earth-based Sacred Chanting

This month coinciding with May Day and Beltane, we will sing spiritual songs that honour Mother Earth, sending healing out with our voices to our beautiful Earth, reconnecting us to deeper parts of ourselves and All Our Relations. The songs are simple, yet powerful, especially when sung as a group.

Booking essential £12 /£10.

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