Wendy Child, Sand Lorraine, Jacqueline Summer, Andy McNally,
Sylvia McNally

Gallery 2

18 October - 24 October

Paintagon is five local artists who found a connection within their art and
creativity as members of Canterbury Society of Art.

Wendy Child enjoys painting oil and acrylic landscapes and seascapes
that are personal to her. The exhibition will also include her lastest interest
in Zentangle images.

Andy McNally is influenced by landscape and seashore and finds inspiration
in rural dilapidation and the tranquility when one cannot tell where sea ends and
sky starts.

Sylvia McNally enjoys a new found skill of lino cuts, especially the sharp
clean lines and strong colours the finished work gives her. Her inspiration is
taken from photographs she takes of nature and everyday objects around her.

Sand Lorraine works in watercoulour on figurative styles, depicting a story
behind the characters and has recently progressed onto high relief sculpted images
in bronze.

Jacqueline Summer BA, Fine Art (Hons) is a painter with occasional forays
into pastels and collage, appreciating the beauty of simple, natural objects such
as fruit, vegetables and plants and the contrast of these organic forms with
those created by humankind. Through still life, she imbues everyday objects with a
symbolic presence and heightened meaning and aims to show her appreciation and
sense of wonder in her particular use of colour, light, form and texture.