Therapeutic Sound and Voice Workshops


4 October: Voicebath 7-8.30pm

In our busy lives it is so important to have time to relax!
Lie down, unwind and enjoy being bathed in the voice.
Apart from the sheer enjoyment of the sounds, benefits
people often experience are an increased sense of self
awareness, feeling more connected to self and life,
reduced stress and anxiety, help with pain control.
People also often find this an easier way to attain
a meditative state than meditation!

1 November: Introduction to Overtone Singing 7-8.30pm

Also called harmonic singing, overtone chanting or simply overtoning,
this style of singing is where you produce more than one sound at a time.
The tones are already there but using the shape of the mouth and tongue
the other tones are amplified, creating audible high pitched whistling
type tone (or tones) above the main note. It is often described as otherworldly,
magical and beautiful. It can facilitate trance / journey / meditative
states even more than other types of vocal sounding such as toning in
singer and listener alike and has its roots in spiritual practice around
the world such as Tibet. We will learn Western overtoning which is easiest
on the voice.

6 December December : Voicescape 7-8.30pm

Creative workshop where the group invents a soundscape using just voices
to describe / express a piece of artwork. Group singing has many benefits
aside from joy of creativity, team work. Many people feel uplifted and
increased sense of wellbeing and has been shown to reduce stress.
No singing experience necessary and no need to 'sing' in conventional sense.
This is stand alone workshop but is also preparation for next months
transformative therapeutic vocal workshop.

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