Toddler Chocolate and Gingerbread Workshops with Cocoa Belle


Toddler Chocolate Workshop (2-5 yrs)
Wednesday 18th October 2pm - 2.45pm

In this workshop let your toddler get creative and a little messy
(with a little help from a parent) with our chocolate workshop.
Each child makes there own chocolate button which they decorate
with sweets and sprinkles. They can then create there own edible
picture using fingers and paintbrushes and chocolate and to finish
with create there own chocolate handprint.

This workshop is suitable children 2+ and is taught by a trained
chocolatier with a dbs certificate. The class lasts approx 45 min.
Everything made can be taken home after.

This workshop is £8 per child and £7 if booked and paid by 15th
September. This workshop has limited spaces and needs to be booked
in advance.

Kid Friendly

Toddler Gingerbread Workshop (2-5 yrs)
Friday 8th December 2 - 2.45pm

In this christmas themed toddler workshop children get to decorate
there own gingerbread men with icing and sweets and bag them up to
take home. At the end of the workshop there will be a reading of
the kids classic the Gingerbread Man.

Suitable for children 2-4 years. Cost is £10 per child or £9 if
booked by 20th October. Limited places.

Please contact Katie on or pm for more
details or to book.