A Breath of Fresh Sea Air


Ann Palmer

Gallery 2

27 September - 3rd October

Oil paintings, sketches, prints and cards showing local scenes painted by Ann Palmer who takes her inspiration from the land, sky and sea invigorated by the changing moods of the Kent weather.

Ann derives her inspiration from the changing light and mood of the weather and sea, the light and reflections and balance between sky, sea and shore. She works mostly en plein air, recently some more considered paintings come from her work in her studio. The exhibition will feature work mostly from local scenes, many showing the Whitstable shore line and seascapes. Ann stands on the beach, river banks, in the fields and vineyards with her box easel and oil paints; she draws in pen and wash, and uses oil paint on MDF or canvas. Many paintings are of loose palette knife impasto oils, others show the details of the groynes or urban scenes. Ann has been influenced of course by Mr Turner, who painted the same sea views; also Kurt Jackson who paints Cornish seascapes using mixed media. Ann is a retired doctor, and has been painting for 10 years, her work developing such that lately she is painting some large land and seascape canvases.