English Aftershow


David G. Martin.

Somerset Maugham Gallery

30 August - 12 September

D.G. Martin’s paintings are largely drawn from the thematic territories of garden, park and coast. His depictions of suburban experience and representation engage notions of loss, the ecstatic, immanence and transcendence.

D. G. Martin graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1996. Though exhibiting in shows such as the John Moores this is his first solo show for over 10 years.
His current work predominantly takes the setting of his suburban life and Kent landscape to explore the medium of painting and the difficulty of post-modern representation.
The title English Aftershow can be seen to suggest the artist’s awareness of painting after Modernism and Postmodernism but also after Empire and the peculiar detachment British Artists feel imposed from the great European painting traditions implied by recent political events.
The bliss of the English idyll has an uneasy existence in Martin’s work, threatened by media bombardment and the fragmentation of shared ideals. Intense colour frequency, hallucinatory detail and violent painterly gesture pervade Martin’s environments often promoting the air or the millenarian or post-apocalyptic.