Somerset Maugham Gallery

23 - 29 August
We are a group of Female artists who explore our deep connection with local landscapes through a variety of media: ceramics, paint, print, collage and stitch.

Participating Artists

Sarah Ackroyd (BA Hons) Fine Art, University of Kent enjoys experimenting and discovering through materials and processes. She makes soft sculptures, prints and collages. Her subject matter is local land and sea, with a special interest in trees.

Rachele Laurenson (BA, 1st class Hons) Fine Art, University of Kent is primarily a sculptor who is interested in both human and animal forms. She explores layered decorative surfaces and has recently started to make Lithographs.

Jacqueline summer (BA Hons) Fine Art, University of Kent, is a painter who has recently taken up Lino Printing. Her inspiration is landscape and in particular, trees. She continues to explore the possibilities inherent in the medium of paint. Jacqueline gives courses and workshops in sketching outdoors and painting. .