Therapeutic Sound workshops with Naomy Browton


5 July: Introduction to Sound Healing.

Introductory Workshop. Learn how to use rattles to cleanse the energy
field and experience the power of vocal toning with intention for healing
for yourself, others and the Earth. Everyone will have the opportunity to
receive in centre of circle. Limited spaces, booking essential.

9th August: Drum Journey

The drum is an ancient healing tool, used throughout the world.
Set your intention for your journey – maybe healing, information,
inspiration, guidance, clarity or simply relaxation. The drum is
very powerful, having the ability to help us enter a trance state
where we can receive what we need to help us on our life journey.
Limited spaces, booking essential.

5 September: Introduction to Therapeutic Voice work-Working with Chakras

Learn specific sounds that resonate with each chakra and which can
be used to help explore and clear issues associated with them.
The sounds themselves can take you into a deep meditative state.
You will also learn movements which can deepen the work and that
can be used as beautiful tai chi style sequence.




Naomy Browton


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