Landscapes and Miniatures


Christopher Hautot and Joanna Winston MA

Gallery 2

10 - 16 May

Joanna's work is presented on 4" x 4" canvases combined to become part of a mosaic.

Chris paints landscapes of Kent and Sussex using his camera and sketchpad en plein air.

Joanna graduated as a mature student from Canterbury University in 2007 with an MA in Fine Art.
She works from her studio at home using a variety of media and has exhibited in various venues.
All work, Whether landscape, abstract, cartoons or the work shown here arise from the imagination and do not emanate from anything or anywhere in reality.
The canvasses on show are in oil, sometimes enhanced with metallic paints or incorporating fragments of glass. Each individual canvas measures 10cm X 10cm, which are then assembled into box frames containing up to 12 canvases. In this way each unit becomes part of a mosaic.

In the case of the abstract work, designs and colours are not pre-considered- but allowed to evolve spontaneously. Each tesserae is unique. Ideas originate from her hypnagogic state of semi pre-sleep consciousness - a time when colours and shapes float through the threshold of the mind.

Chris is a self-taught artist. He attends various classes and is an active member of the Weald of Kent Art Society , where he exhibits regularly.
He paints mainly in oils and develops his themes in the studio using his own photos and sketches. Chris always carries his paints and camera with him in order to catch the unexpected subject. He is especially inspired by running watere and skyscapes.