Passion For Craft

Khoa Mahon, Georgia Wyver, Joan Ward, Kate Baker, Susie Nelson-Jemmett, Chris Raper, Jean Sayers, Nicky Gregg

Somerset Maugham Gallery

19 April - 25 April
SPRING is a new exhibition which presents the creations of talented Designer Makers and Artists who are passionate about crafts. The works on display all draw their inspiration from the exquisite beauty of nature; whether through colours, textures, forms or materials. Although each exhibitor represents a different discipline, there is commonality in theme, skill, creativity, aesthetics and the highest quality craftsmanship.


Khoa Mahon is a Jewellery Designer Maker who uses traditional techniques to create beautiful, elegant silver jewellery embellished with fresh water pearls and semi-precious stones for sophisticated women to express their unique style. Each piece is inspired by the aesthetic of natural forms, textures and materials reflecting the beauty of nature captured in the moment of contemplation.

Contact: Khoa Mahon info@khoa.co.uk - Tel: 07753143118

Georgia Wyver is a textile artist and feltmaker with a passion for colour and texture who works with wool fibre, combined with silk, lace, sheer fabric and other materials to create unique hand felted decorative art objects and fashion accessories.

Contact: Georgia Wyver georgia@wyver.co.uk – Tel:01795876385

Joan Ward is a long time experienced spinner, knitter and felt maker who is passionate about working with natural sheep wool incorporated with silk, cotton and beads to produce beautiful felted fashion garments and accessories.

Contact: Joan Ward joan@angora9.plus.com - Tel: 01843 591255

Kate Baker is a mosaic and glass fusion artist whose work is influenced by nature and its beauty. Her visual and tactile work draws inspiration from picturesque landscapes and seascapes within her locality. Through upcycling, working in two mediums and utilising the picque-assiette style, her mosaic and glass pieces incorporate texture, colour, flow and movement to create unique vibrant handmade pieces.

Contact: Kate Baker katebakermosaicmuse@icloud.com -Tel: 07909682147

Susie Nelson-Jemmett is a flexible artist who likes to work in different styles using a variety of mediums according to the choice of subject. As well as using watercolour and acrylic, she experiments with various techniques using mixed media and collage to create unique effects. Local surroundings, the garden and changing seasons are some of the themes that inspire her work.

Contact: susie.nelson@sky.com - Tel: 01795 534030

Chris, Jean and Nicky are a family of ceramists who are passionate about pottery. Together they enjoy learning and sharing the love of making and creating high quality unique and individual designs.

Contact:info@cupolapottery.co.uk – Tel: 07842151486