Patricia’s Box

Pat is a list maker. She is in her element with a silver wedding celebration to plan. The food, cake, guests, what to wear, all need listing. Tricia too is listing – out of kilter, no longer on an even keel, as she spins in a whirlpool. But are they two women? Or simply one with different sides of her character dominating? And then there’s the box – it could come in handy… or maybe not.

‘Inspired’ by the mundanity of much of middle-age, in this one-woman show, Nancy Charley fuses poetry with practicalities, chant with chat, whilst exploring the dichotomy of Tricia and Pat. Be wowed by word and rhythm, as these two women make decisions.

Patricia’s Box contains poems from her book, This Woman, published by Conversation Paperpress (2012).

“The language is strong, rooted and grained with womaness” Abegail Morley

“Nancy’s joy in being a woman is as elemental and finely nuanced as the often surprising images rippling through these poems” Marilyn Donovan

Nancy Charley is not a performance poet – well, you could call her that – or a spoken word artist. But bored with such appellations and feeling rather boxed in by their understandings she is pondering other titles. She has thought of poetry enlivener, poetic raconteur, poem-provocateur or a barefoot bard (or maybe that should be barefaced). Any helpful suggestions will be gratefully received.

Whatever you wish to call her, Nancy’s poetry has been heard in theatres, pubs and arts centres, in an historic house and a beach hut, at New Writing Nights, at events for Human Rights and over many a hot-chocolate cup. She is particularly pleased to bring the show to the Horsebridge Arts and Community Centre as she has always been made so welcome here for many a rehearsal in a workshop space.

Tickets £5 / £4 concs


Wednesday 30 January 7.30pm (bar from 7pm)