Peter Hayes-Watkins (HAYFIELD)

HAYFIELD is the name used by Peter Hayes-Watkins when painting and producing illustrations.

Peter was born in London in 1941. He moved to the Weald of Kent in the early 1970's where he and his wife Christine raised their family of three sons. They stayed in this part of Kent until Peter retired from engineering to pursue his love of painting and drawing.

Peter was a Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers and also studied architecture. He has been involved in major civil engineering and building projects from as far afield as Hong Kong and the Falkland Islands and in the Middle East and Europe. He has been a partner and director of multi-discipline practices where he has controlled both the engineering and architectural elements of the projects.

His illustrative work in pen & ink and watercolour has, not surprisingly, been of buildings and in particular, street scenes of the older part of Deal, his new home town.

In 2006 he produced a series of five pictures recording the views from the end of Deal Pier in great detail. Prints of these views have proved popular with not only the residents of Deal but also with visitors to the town from both home and abroad. His first love however is of the countryside and this is his main source of inspiration. He has painted landscapes in many location throughout the UK. Peter is constantly looking for new ways to express his work and is currently enjoying a bolder, more colourful, contemporary mixed media approach.

His daughter-in-law, Suki, runs a water based screen printing studio in Whitstable and he has been persuaded that this is a great vehicle for producing modern, colourful pieces of work. This can be seen in a series of four screen prints entitled "Four seasons in an orchard"


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