Head in the Clouds

Loraine Burgon

My first exhibition at The Horsebridge in February 2012 was a revelation.

The dark wintery days, even some snow, provided a stark contrast to my colourful skyscapes.

People visited and stayed and talked and enjoyed the work, it was wonderful to engage with so many people who were truly affected by the paintings, praising the uplifting, peaceful and calming experience of the images in the Gallery 2 space.

Hearing their responses to the work, many confirming precisely what I had hoped to convey when I was working on the images, was very rewarding.

Especially.... "they remind me of being a child, lying in the grass and looking for shapes in the clouds".....

It was very special to experience such a sense of connection with strangers as well as friends.

Thank you to everyone who came and by being there completed the exhibition.

A year on and "Head in the Clouds" is a further exploration of both the tremendous variety of the extraordinary skies and the Olympian athleticism of seagulls around the Tankerton slopes. By immersing myself in skyscapes I have increased my understanding of the spacious possibilities presented by the sky in all of its variety of moods and forms. The gulls delight at the freedom of their flight continues to lift my spirits. The deeper my engagement with this freely given spectacle the more grateful I am for the beauty of the Thanet coast and sky.


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