Art by the Sea 111

Justin Calver, Carol Calver, Mike Calver

Justin paints mainly in acrylic on board and has exhibited in various galleries and group exhibitions in Kent. His technique is intricate and results in a highly finished image with a contemporary edge, full of colour introduced in subtle ways. Currently his main subjects are marine life,landscapes and cityscapes based upon the environment and our connection with it.

Carol and Mike are both contempory artists who work in their own studio at their home in Kent.

Carol works mainly in stoneware clay, sometimes incorporating stains and glazes in mostly the figurative form and her subjects are very individualistic.This year some works have a coastal theme. Carol also fires her work at home in her own kiln. She exhibits her work in various galleries and exhibitions in Kent and has exhibited in London.

Mike paints mainly with acrylic on various backgrounds and in this exhibition is including drawings with acrylic on paper. Some works relate to the sea and others are figurative all with a distinctive style. He shows his work in various galleries and exhibitions in Kent and has exhibited in France.

This joint exhibition by these three family members is the third at the Somerset Maugham gallery in Whitstable , the previous in October 2010 and are becoming regular exhibitors here.


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