Horsebridge Whitstable Exhibition

A Group exhibition

Annie Taylor
Never forgotten stories and fading flowers.

Bruce Williams
First show of new work for 15 years.

Janet Dance
Printing based on the use of everyday materials, such as cardboard, to create work rich in colour and texture.

Roger Cowen
My work is derived from masks, people and the different parts we play on the stage of life.

Barry Fincham
Mostly figurative, but contemporary, based on observation.

Ann Whittle
Has been successful with her floral, landscape and seascape paintings over the last 23 years, but now wishes to express her deeper world of fantasy, and is taking this opportunity to show some of her new works. She hopes you like them as much as she enjoyed painting them.


This exhibition will take place in our Somerset Maugham gallery. Our galleries are open 9am - 6pm daily (10am - 6pm Sunday's / 5pm winter hours)