Be at the Beach

Painting and Photography

Be at the beach, a local picture company. It's co-founders, Be and Derek have combined their love of the Seaside with their passion for Art, to create some inspired artwork.

Mainly Photographic their work traverses several styles. Through their use of the effects of natural light, reflection and cloud formation they have created some highly, moody and atmospherically charged beach and seascapes. Whilst other works explore the local coastal and mairitine landmarks, in vivid colour.

Their finished artwork is produced in a variety of formats. From, limited edition, canvasses and framed prints to greetings cards and trendy beach bags."

For Beverley, colour, pattern and texture is paramount to artist expression. Trained originally in textile design she is very much inspired by the colour, composition and patterns that occur in nature.

As a keen amateur photographer this is where the creative process begins, ending with abstract paintings full of texture and beautifully painted florals with bold compositions, all with the modern interior in mind!


This exhibition will take place in our Somerset Maugham gallery. Our galleries are open 9am - 6pm daily (10am - 6pm Sunday's / 5pm winter hours)