Shades of Grey

Duncan Ferguson

My art is based on dreams and memories. I work with stories from my past, based on the emotions and experiences I had growing up in Mauritius. I grew up where pink pigeons fly in the blue skies and tropical neon fish swam along side me in the Indian Ocean. Inspired by the flora and fauna of Australasia and memories of exotic birds of paradise, I transfer these into images onto canvas through painting, drawing and mixed media, creating a positive reaction through my own expressions.

Lucy Stockwell

My work is an ongoing time-based project, for which I get inspiration from the Coastline, recording time, place and life experiences. Through printmaking I catalogue the events of circumstance, using natural elements and erosion to determine the outcomes. This continuing work has lead me to a more illustrative series of prints dealing with human nature and peoples perception of relationships and experiences, using a modern day interpretation of traditional folk rhythm and superstition.


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