Hatha Yoga with Linda Thomson

Tues 10-11.30am and Thurs 10-11.30am

These yoga classes offer a space during the busy week to stretch, breath, relax and to learn how to incorporate the ancient tried and tested practice of yoga into your daily life.

Classes include;
'Asana' (posture), with the emphasis on correct alignment of the whole body leading to an understanding of how the body responds to specific stretches and their benefits.

'Pranayama' (simple breathing techniques), bringing our awareness to how we breath and how we can improve our lung capacity to maximise our overall health, conscious breathing is a powerful tool in all situations.

'Shavasana' (deep rest), a deep guided relaxation that rests the whole body and all the bodily systems. This is an important part of yoga practice.

The combination of asana, pranayama and shawasana will leave you feeling completely refreshed and your natural balance restored. Come experience for yourself!

Classic yoga, restorative postures, asanas, simple breathing techniques pranayama and deep relaxation.


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