Our Galleries

We have two galleries available for booking on a weekly basis:

The Somerset Maugham Gallery: A a large ground floor gallery with high footfall measuring 13x7.2m (93.6m2)
Gallery 2: A ground floor gallery with shop front window and high footfall. Measuring 3.5x3.1m (10.8m2)
To book either gallery contact Mirka Kotulicova on 01227 281174 or by email mirka@thehorsebridge.org.uk
Somerset Maugham GalleryThe Coastal Poem10 Jan 201730 Jan 2017

Gallery 2Knit Together: A Celebration Of Wool14 Jan 201729 Jan 2017

Somerset Maugham GalleryDevelopment Project: Horsebridge Reimagined1 Feb 20176 Feb 2017

Gallery 2Beside The Seaside8 Feb 201714 Feb 2017

Somerset Maugham GalleryJourneys8 Feb 201714 Feb 2017

Gallery 2Land And Sea15 Feb 201721 Feb 2017

Somerset Maugham GalleryA Fleeting Glimpse15 Feb 201721 Feb 2017

Gallery 2Existed Only In My Imagination22 Feb 201728 Feb 2017

Somerset Maugham GalleryFive Artists Going Into Spring22 Feb 20177 Mar 2017

Somerset Maugham GalleryEKAS Spring Show8 Mar 201721 Mar 2017

Gallery 2Stella Bella Jewellery8 Mar 201714 Mar 2017

Gallery 2He Said, She Said15 Mar 201721 Mar 2017

Somerset Maugham GalleryMAHL Exhibition22 Mar 20174 Apr 2017

Gallery 2Lizzie Fright Paintings22 Mar 201728 Mar 2017

Gallery 2From The Other Coast29 Mar 20174 Apr 2017